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Woman accused of murdering Owen Kerry denies 'pincer movement' attack with her boyfriend


A woman accused of murdering teenager Owen Kerry on Christmas Eve denied taking part in a “pincer movement” attack with her boyfriend.

Lyndsey Harper said she is not guilty of participating in a joint assault on the 19-year-old with Brian Cahill, in a social club.

Harper admitted getting into a scrap with others but insisted she had not glassed or tried to glass Owen.

She told jurors she didn’t see what happened to the teenager but claimed Cahill later told her he had stabbed someone.

Harper said she and Cahill, who had been going out for a few weeks, ended up at Cramlington Working Mens Club on the night of December 24 last year.

She said she had got into a disagreement on the dance floor with some people and punched a man who, she said, had put his hand in her face and told her to go away.

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