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Mere mention the words soft play will ramp up the excitement levels in most young ones and the North East certainly has plenty choice when it comes to places which are perfect for burning off all that energy.
Ok, so they may not be every parents' choice but a trip out to a soft play area is guaranteed to please the little tykes.
With more than 25 such facilities in and around the region, there really is a wide enough range of facilities - from climbing walls and ball pools to  slides and go-kart tracks - to please everyone and no matter how old the children are, they will be able to join in the fun.
And who knows but parents may get a chance to relax and catch up with a friend over coffee while the young ones enjoy the entertainment.
Here's our guide, with more to come, of some of the top soft play centres in and around Newcastle.
Benfield Business Park, Walkergate

Six areas of Northumberland which have seen large numbers of new homes approved recently have been highlighted as requiring an expansion of GP and other healthcare facilities.
Northumberland County Council planning officers made a presentation to last Thursday's (January 17) meeting of the health and wellbeing board about the healthcare implications of the final draft of the Local Plan, as they did at the July meeting in relation to the first draft.
There are a number of policies in the document which deal with or touch on health and wellbeing elements, including one to limit the number of hot-food takeaways, but one of the main concerns remains around healthcare infrastructure.
The development framework is supported by an almost 200-page Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which aims to ensure new housing is supported by the necessary services.
It refers to a number of areas which 'have already seen multiple, large-scale planning applications for housing in recent years' and which 'will require increased capacity in primary-care infrastructure'.
These are: Amble/Broomhill; Ashington/Newbiggin; Bedlington/Guidepost; Cramlington; Morpeth/Pegswood; Alnwick.

The heartbroken pals of doting dad Damian Dixon say he spent his life helping others.
Now after a tragedy at sea claimed the 24-year-old's life, his friends are rallying together to make sure he gets the send-off he deserves.
A wave swept the angler out to sea last Sunday.
Despite the brave rescue efforts of two pals and the RNLI, he died in Cramlington Hospital later that day.
As his grieving family appeal for more lifebelts on the Northumberland coastline, friends have now launched a JustGiving page to help them pay for his funeral.
"He was happy with his lot in life - he never moaned," said Michelle Nicholson, a 35-year-old friend who set the page up.

There's nothing like splashing around at a water park or leisure pool to get the young ones smiling and there are plenty attractions around the North East that have all the facilities you need under one roof.
And those living and around Newcastle are within easy reach of them all.
From Northumberland to County Durham there are a number of swimming baths and leisure venues geared up to provide an ideal family day out, with extra treats in store such as slides and rides.
For those looking for undercover fun in coming months while the cold weather discourages them from venturing into the great outdoors, here are some ideas of where to splash around and enjoy some energetic activity.
Situated on The Links in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, families can always combine a trip here with a visit to the adjacent beach.
Besides the usual swimming pool attractions, there are three 'high octane slides' in the main pool area here all ages can compete against each other to see who had descend in the fastest time.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust hospitals are fighting a flu outbreak but say the fight against norovirus is going well.
Visitor restrictions were imposed at nine hospitals , including at Cramlington , North Shields and Blyth , on December 18.
The preemptive move came in the wake of a major norovirus outbreak last winter which saw the vomiting bug sweep through wards after a visitor brought shellfish - which is known to carry the virus - into a hospital.
While the hospitals haven't seen a re-run of last year's chaotic scene, two wards have had to be fully closed over flu fears.
Ward 5 at Wansbeck hospital and ward 15 at North Tyneside have been closed and patients and visitors have been warned the outbreak is likely to get worse.
Members of the public with any flu like symptoms are being asked to stay away from hospitals to safeguard patients.

Five parks in Northumberland are to be upgraded thanks to an investment of £287,000.
Northumberland County Council's cabinet approved to spend £204,000, with the remaining £83,000 funded by contributions from the likes of town and parish councils.
As part of its medium-term financial plan, the local authority has already set aside capital funding of £150,000 per year from 2018-19 to 2020-21 to invest in parks and green spaces.
So far, money has been spent at Jennings Field in Bedlington , Astley Park in Seaton Delaval, and Eastwood Park in Prudhoe.
Following the sign-off on Tuesday, Blyth's Ridley Park and Mermaid play area, Alexandra Park in Cramlington , Gallagher Park in Bedlington, and Rothbury's Riverside play area are all set to benefit.
At Ridley Park, £45,000 will be spent in total with £25,000 being used to refurbish the hugely-popular water play area.

It's always exciting to see your home town on the telly.
But unfortunately, when places you know and love are staring in a popular crime drama, they may not always be looking their best.
That's what Vera-loving Cramlington residents discovered when they tuned in to the first episode of the new series, on ITV on Sunday night.
While they enjoyed the drama, many noted it wasn't exactly an advert for the Northumberland town. Several scenes were filmed in the streets of Cramlington, though in keeping with Vera's general habit of re-naming places in the North East, the town went by a different name.
On Twitter, Cramlington-based photographer Karen Hudspith said: "Here was I getting excited about seeing my hometown on Vera.
"It's just made it look like a s***hole. Cramlington thankfully is nothing like Crowley. 

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