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Newcastle charity bus is to star on Channel 4's George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces this weekend


A charity which transformed a bus into a mobile children's 'classroom' will see its creation enjoy the national spotlight on TV this weekend.

The Success4All charity raised £55,000, kitted out a double decker bus and completed its ambitious project within just four months - just in time to earn a place on Channel 4's George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces programme this coming Sunday.

Its initial idea - to create what's said to the UK’s first ever mobile learning bus - captured the attention of Sunderland-born architect George Clarke whose popular show celebrates projects which convert small spaces into big achievements.

After the education charity sent Clarke children’s drawings of their vision - a bus packed with equipment to promote a child's development -  it soon received a call from Channel 4 expressing interest in the conversion for an upcoming episode of the show.

But a tight filming schedule meant that the charity - cash-strapped at the time - had just one month to raise the funds to get the project under way.

But goodwill tends to breed goodwill and it was another local good cause, engineering charity Reece Foundation, that stepped in to save the day, with an initial £30,000 donation enabling the Success4All team to buy a London double-decker bus in time for the first day of filming with Clarke, whose architect projects included designs for housing last year at Smith’s Dock  in North Shields.

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