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Everybody in Cramlington is saying the same thing as town appears on new series of Vera


It's always exciting to see your home town on the telly.

But unfortunately, when places you know and love are staring in a popular crime drama, they may not always be looking their best.

That's what Vera-loving Cramlington residents discovered when they tuned in to the first episode of the new series, on ITV on Sunday night.

While they enjoyed the drama, many noted it wasn't exactly an advert for the Northumberland town. Several scenes were filmed in the streets of Cramlington, though in keeping with Vera's general habit of re-naming places in the North East, the town went by a different name.

On Twitter, Cramlington-based photographer Karen Hudspith said: "Here was I getting excited about seeing my hometown on Vera.

"It's just made it look like a s***hole. Cramlington thankfully is nothing like Crowley. 

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